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Dec 26, 2022

This week the guys focus on Luke/Acts as they continue to look at faith and finances. What's the deal with giving alms? What does it look like to give to the poor if you're short on cash? And what is the relevance of the parable of the dishonest manager to this discussion?

Dec 19, 2022

It's time to see what Jesus taught about money, possessions, accumulating wealth, and generosity. This week the ACP guys look at the "least of these" - who are they and how are Christians expected to interact with them? And are all Jesus-followers required to give away all of their possessions?

Dec 12, 2022

This week the guys move into the New Testament as they consider how God expects his people to handle finances. But before looking at obvious "money" passages - they offer a discussion of God's Kingdom and the significant changes it brought from Old to New Testaments.

Dec 5, 2022

Biblical finances are still under the microscope this week as the ACP guys offer a quick recap of where they've been with the topic before summarizing some principles of tithing. What were the primary purposes of tithing for the Israelites and where did the "money" go?

Nov 28, 2022

What was the primary purpose of tithing in the Old Testament and how was the tithe utilized? This week the guys conclude their look at tithing in the OT before they shift to what tithing looked like in the New Testament.