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Jan 25, 2021

This week as the guys continue the series on all things Bible they zero in on what it means to call the Bible, "God's Word". They do the leg work and offer a cliff note's version of all the passages where "Word of God" or "Word of the Lord" is mentioned in Scripture. Give it a listen and join the discussion.

Jan 18, 2021

This week the guys start a new series - built off the Intro to Biblical Interpretation class offered at GLCC. Over the next several weeks they will be exploring all things Bible.  Why is it necessary and good for Christians to study the Bible?  In this beginning discussion the guys offer eight reasons for why studying...

Jan 11, 2021

This week, in response to a listener-posed request (thanks Regan Clem!) the guys offer their top books that all pastors/Christians should make time to read - maybe a more challenging request than anticipated.  But the guys power through and offer some of their top reads.

Jan 4, 2021

To open the new year the guys offer their first movie review: Noah.  They give a summary of the movie (spoiler alert) before offering their rating of thumbs up or thumbs down.  They're also joined this week by a surprise, special guest.