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Jul 27, 2020

This week the guys take a break from surveying Scripture to look carefully at some of the classic theories of atonement, popular throughout the history of the church.   It should not surprise the listener that there are pros and cons to each.  

Jul 20, 2020

This week the guys wrap up the discussion on God's Wrath by focusing on the New Testament. Throughout the witness of Scripture we find that God is slow to anger and his wrath breaks out against his people when their actions jeopardize the path of salvation history. But is wrath language used in connection with Jesus...

Jul 13, 2020

The series on the sacrificial system continues this week with a discussion of God's Wrath.  As the guys look closely at God's character, his interactions with his people, and his presumed need for violence/bloodshed - you might be surprised by what they find - and what they don't find.  

Jul 6, 2020

As the guys continue to look at sacrifice and the larger issue of God's nature requiring violence and the shedding of blood they focus on the Day of Atonement this week.  They explore the various uses of "kaphar" in the Old Testament, of which "atoning for sin" is only one of seven. They also look carefully at the...