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Mar 25, 2019

In this episode the guys continue their discussion of all things sex related and talk about the Greek word "porneia" and its usage in the Bible. Their conclusions and applications might surprise you!

Mar 18, 2019

This episode follows up on the discussion of whether legalizing sex work should be condoned by Christians. The guys lay out a biblical view of sex and marriage, which is often counter to cultural norms and trace the concept of "one flesh" through the Old and New Testaments.

Mar 11, 2019

A presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, has brought prostitution into the national spotlight by suggesting that sex work should be legalized. The guys discuss what, if any, response Christians should have to such legislation. But in reality, this episode will function as a gateway to further discussion about sexual...

Mar 4, 2019

Our whole discussion of God's Kingdom has been leading to this episode. The guys discuss why God even needed to institute this Kingdom and how it comes about. Check out how the guys wrap up this series.